Family Dentistry

Oral health care begins when a child develops the first tooth and continues even in old age. Proper oral health entails maintaining good dental hygiene, regular dental visits, and addressing your dental issues as soon as they are detected. Family dentistry is a branch of general dentistry that addresses oral health at all life stages.

You will likely pay a hefty price if you muddle through life without proper dental care and routine checkups. This is because you will be predisposed to all kinds of dental disease and oral health complications. Waiting for your oral health to deteriorate or a condition to develop before visiting a dentist could result in painful and explosive procedures to restore your smile and teeth's function.

Having a family dentist ensures that your family's dental health is well cared for. Additionally, you will always have a professional available to handle your concerns and give you the best advice on keeping your mouth, gums, and teeth healthy. At Dr Joseph Goodman Dental Clinic, we offer expert family dentistry services for our clients in Beverly Hills, CA.

Understanding Family Dentistry

Maintaining good oral health is essential for overall well-being. You maintain your oral health by maintaining good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. Through these visits, your dental issues can be detected and treated early. Family dentistry is the branch of dentistry that focuses on ensuring oral health for your entire family.

While general dentists are trained to offer moat dental procedures, family dentists undergo additional training to cater to the dental needs of all age groups. Family dentists provide a friendly and convenient environment for you and your family to have your oral health needs met.

Family dentistry offers preventive and restorative care for young children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. The goals of family dentistry include the following:

  • Ensuring proper dental care for the entire family

  • Developing a trusting and long-term relationship with your dentist

  • Offer preventive oral care for patients.

  • Correct the imperfections in your smile.

  • Restoration of damaged or lost teeth

  • Detection and treatment of dental complications in their early stages

Dental Care for Babies

You should ensure proper dental care for your child when they develop their first tooth. According to the American Dental Association, you should schedule your child’s first dental appointment within six months of creating the first tooth. Milk teeth are also prone to decay and cavities. Therefore, a family dentist will help parents manage these delicate teeth.

Dental Care for Children

During childhood, children lose their milk teeth and begin to develop permanent ones. Good oral hygiene must be maintained during this stage to avoid decay, cavities, and other oral health complications. A family dentist will establish an excellent oral care routine for your child to follow daily.

Dental Care For Teenagers

Teenagers and young adults are often very self-conscious about their appearance and smile. This group undergoes common braces and Invisalign treatments to correct crooked teeth.

Although teenagers and adults can properly care for their teeth compared to children, their teeth are still prone to cavities. Therefore, it pays to have a reliable family dentist who can guide the teenagers on proper oral care and perform the required procedures to maintain a good smile.

Dental Care for Adults

Like teenagers, adults can maintain good oral hygiene and remember to schedule dental appointments. However, other factors, like disease conditions and diet choices, could increase their vulnerability to dental issues. Common dental problems in adulthood include tooth decay, tooth loss, gum disease, and alignment issues.

Family dentistry focuses on preventing these issues by offering guidance on the proper steps to take to protect your teeth and gums.

Family Dentistry Services

Family dentistry aims to offer dental care for all age groups. Therefore, the family dentist will provide services to prevent dental complications, treat them, and restore the function of your teeth. These services include:

Routine Dental Checkups

You do not need to wait until you develop a dental complication to schedule an appointment with your dentist. According to Webmed, you must schedule at least dental appointments with your family dentist yearly. During these checkups, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums for abnormalities.

Your family dentist may be able to detect signs that are difficult to detect. Early detection of oral health complications like gum disease and tooth decay allows timely treatment. Regular dental checkups aim to maintain good oral health and prevent tooth loss.

Before you leave your dental appointment, your dentist can guide you on the proper diet and dental care practices to maintain good oral health.

Teeth Cleaning

Brushing and flossing your teeth may not be enough to remove all tartar and plaque from your teeth and gums. Therefore, you will need professional teeth cleaning. Once in a while, you can book a professional cleaning session with your family dentist.

Before the cleaning, your dentist will perform an oral exam to check for signs of gingivitis or other concerns. If you have underlying complications, you must treat them before cleaning.

When you are cleared to have a professional cleaning, the dentist will use a scaler to remove plaque from your teeth and under the gumline. The dentist will then use gritty toothpaste and an electric toothbrush to clean up the tartar left behind after scaling.

When all the tartar is removed from your teeth, you will undergo expert flossing and rinsing of the mouth.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a procedure used to lighten the color or shade of your natural teeth. You can whiten your teeth with over-the-counter products like whitening strips and whitening toothpaste or undergo professional cleaning in your dentist's office. Your diet choices, alcohol, or smoking could discolor your teeth.

When a dentist does teeth whitening, it will be more effective, and the teeth will remain shiny for longer. Factors that could help determine the proper whitening procedure for you include:

  • Your overall oral health

  • The natural shade of your teeth and the shade you want to achieve

  • The type of dental treatments you have undergone

Your family dentist will examine your teeth to determine whether you are eligibel for professional cleaning. The dental cleaning procedure involves applying a bleaching product and shining a laser to activate the whitening action. Before you proceed with professional teeth cleaning, your family dentist will enlighten you on the side effects of the procedure.

Root Canal

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure to remove an infected or inflamed tooth pulp. This treatment is designed to remove bacteria from the infected tooth, prevent the progression of the infection, and save your natural tooth. According to the American Association of Endodontics, millions of teeth are saved annually using root canal treatment. Saving your natural tooth has many benefits, including normal biting and a natural appearance. Your family dentist can recommend root canal treatment if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Pain when biting or chewing

  • A pimple on the gums

  • Lingering tooth sensitivity to hot or cold sensations

  • Tender or swollen gums

  • Deep tooth decay and darkening of the gums

Your dentist will perform a root canal through these steps:

  • Anesthesia. A root canal is invasive. So, the dentist will administer anesthesia to prevent pain and discomfort throughout the procedure.

  • Gum protection. Your dentist will place a piece of rubber over the neighboring gums to keep your teeth and gums dry while the root canal is performed.

  • Removal of the tooth pulp. The dentist drills a hole through your tooth enamel to reach the inner tooth and extract the infected pulp. When the pulp is entirely out, the area will be cleaned and disinfected.

  • Sealing the tooth. After a root canal, your tooth will be left with a hole where food particles and bacteria can re-enter the tooth. Therefore, your dentist will seal the hole using a temporary dental filling.


Veneers are a cosmetic dental procedure used to improve the appearance of your teeth. Your smile is your first impression when you interact with others. However, cracked teeth, discoloration, or chipping could affect your smile. Veneers are thin shells made of tooth-colored materials placed on the visible part of your tooth enamel.

The veneer procedure involves shaving some part of your tooth enamel, applying bonding gel, and placing the custom-made veneers. This quick and easy procedure renews your smile and boosts your confidence.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the complete removal of a severely damaged or decayed tooth. Family dentistry aims to prevent dental issues and maintain your natural teeth. However, when decay or damage has occurred, your family dentist can recommend having the tooth extracted.

Before extraction, your dentist could try to save the tooth through crowns, root canals, or dental fillings. If your natural tooth cannot be saved, an extraction will be necessary, and the dentist will recommend replacement options.

In addition to the extraction of damaged and decayed teeth, you may also undergo the extraction or removal of impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are often the last set to develop; sometimes, they lack enough space to erupt. When left beneath the gums, these teeth can cause pain and damage neighboring teeth.

Therefore, an extraction will be necessary to save your other teeth and prevent dental complications like tooth misalignment.


You or your child can go to your family dentist for braces to treat various issues, including crowded, crooked, gapped, or rotated teeth. Braces are a popular way to straighten misaligned teeth in children and adults. There are different braces, including traditional, self-ligating, and lingual braces.

Your family dentist will recommend the type of braces depending on your oral health needs. Braces work by slowly putting pressure on your teeth and directing them in a specific direction. The braces are made of different parts, including brackets, orthodontic bands, and ligatures. According to Webmed, you will need to wear braces for one to three years, based on the complexity of your case.

Dental Fillings

Most people will need at least one filling throughout their lifetime. Dental filling is a procedure used to treat cavities and repair cracked teeth. Fillings are more effective when the damage to your teeth is minimal, and the tooth maintains its structure.

Having a family dentist means that your dental issues can be detected early, and dental fillings will be effective for your treatment. Fillings exist in different materials, including amalgam, gold, composite, and ceramic.

Dental filling materials vary in durability, appearance, and cost. The suitable material for your dental fillings will depend on the desired appearance of the tooth and your budget. After assessing the damage to your teeth, your family dentist can advise you on your eligibility for the fillings.


Dental sealants are protective coatings used to shield the chewing surfaces of your back teeth from bacteria. Sealants could be made of glass ionomers or synthetic resins. When sealants are applied to your teeth, the risk of tooth decay and cavities decreases. Your family dentist can recommend sealants for adults and children.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, dental sealants prevent 80% of cavities over two years, where most cavities occur. The dental sealants act as a barrier between your tooth and cavity-causing bacteria. Another way sealants can protect your teeth is by making them easy to clean.

Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

If you are tired of juggling dental appointments with different professionals for you and your family, it may be time to find a family dentist. Family dentists offer a wide range of services for patients at different stages of life. The following are some of the reasons why having a family dentist is worth it:

Eliminates Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety and phobia are issues affecting both adults and children. The fear of undergoing dental checkups and procedures can delay or avoid seeking dental care. If you, your child, or another member of the family has this phobia, going for checkups as a family can create a support system, making it easy for the person to undergo their procedures.

Most people with dental anxiety develop the problem at a young age. Having a family dentist ensures your children have a trusted professional to help them overcome their anxiety. Children who overcome the fear of dental procedures in their early years will not be afraid of regular checkups, even as adults.

A Family Dentist Creates Convenience

You cannot ignore the convenience of meeting all your family’s dental needs in one place. By making a single appointment for the entire family, you can save yourself the hassle of taking multiple trips to the dentist. A professional and reliable family dentist will take care of your dental needs without disrupting your schedule.

Your Family Dentist Knows Your Dental History

A significant and lifelong advantage of having a family dentist is that they know your dental history. Sometimes, a dentist may be unable to pinpoint the cause of your dental issues due to a lack of a proper dental history. With family dentistry, you can receive appropriate care considering your underlying health issues.

A competent family dentist can notice a difference in your oral health over time and detect early symptoms of dental complications.

Regular and Consistent Dental Services

You do not need a dental complication to schedule an appointment with your family dentist. You need at least two yearly dental checkups to maintain good oral health. Your dentist can check for early signs of various complications during your regular checkups.

When you have a family dentist, you are confident about what to expect during your dental visits. This ensures consistent service every time you visit.

Your Dental Emergencies are Handled Promptly

Some dental complications require emergency attention. These dental complications include broken teeth, severe toothache, knocked-out teeth, and a broken jaw, among others. When you schedule a random emergency appointment, you may have to wait in life for a dentist to attend to you. Delayed treatment of emergency dental issues could result in further complications from tooth loss.

However, your dental emergencies can be addressed promptly when you have family dentistry. If your dental emergencies occur while you are away from home, you can call your family dentist for advice on the right steps.

A lasting Relationship

A significant advantage of having a family dentist is the lasting trust you build with them. Unlike visiting random dentists each time you have a dental issue or for your routine checkups, you can build familiarity and confidence, which will last for years.

Having the same dentist for your family throughout the years ensures your oral health is monitored. Additionally, you will be familiar with the services offered by your dentist or their practice. This puts you at ease knowing that you and your family are in good hands anytime you have an oral health need.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Family Dentist

Proper oral health will give you pearly white teeth and protect you from dental illnesses and complications. Having a reliable family dentist makes it easy for you and your family to maintain good oral health, eliminate dental anxiety for your children, and receive consistent dental care.

Your choice of a family dentist will dictate the quality of the services you receive. The following are factors you must consider when hiring a family dentist:

Location and Accessibility

When hiring a family dentist to care for your needs and those of your family, you need to consider their location. A family dentist should be a professional you can consult at your convenience. Therefore, you must ensure that the dentist is within your locality. With this, you can make dental visits without traveling long distances.

Qualifications and Experience

Another factor you must consider when hiring a family dentist is their academic qualifications and experience. You want to hire a dentist who can solve all your dental needs and your family's. You can ask a dentist and their practice about their experience offering different services before settling for them. Additionally, you can check whether they have the necessary certifications to provide the services you need.

Cost of Services

Different dental professionals offer services at varying prices. Before you settle for one family dentist, you must be comfortable with the prices they charge for various procedures. For most dental procedures, your budget will determine the methods you can undergo and the materials you can use for other restorations.

While looking for a suitable family dentist, you must visit different dental clinics and compare their costs before choosing where the process is convenient for your budget.

Atmosphere and Friendliness

A family dentist will offer services for young children, teenagers, and adults. Therefore, you will want to move forward with a friendly, approachable dentist who makes you feel comfortable when you enter their dental practice. A welcoming dental clinic will enhance your overall experience.

You should settle with a dentist who has a clean and modern facility to ensure the utmost comfort for you and your family.

Find a Competent Family Dentist Near Me

A family dentist offers oral care during all stages of life by addressing the oral health concerns of young children, teenagers, adults, and even the elderly. Your family dentist will provide preventive services like regular checkups, fluoride treatment, and teeth cleanings.

Additionally, your dentist will detect different dental complications and treat them with procedures like root canals, extractions, inlays, and onlays, among others. Because oral health needs change throughout a person’s life, you must seek proper and quality care early.

A family dentist will care for your child’s oral health from the moment the first tooth develops and continues as they grow into teenagers and adults. A professional catering to the dental needs of everyone in the family will simplify things considerably for you.

When choosing a family dentist, you must consider different factors, including location, accessibility, technological advancements, and budget. At Dr Joseph Goodman's dental clinic, we offer convenient, quality, and personalized family dentistry services for our clients throughout Beverly Hills, CA. Contact us at 310-860-9311 to book your appointment.