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Graduated from dental school in 1996 at the prestigious University of Aachen, Germany, which is ranked as one of Europe’s top dental schools. He achieved additional post-graduate training at UCLA and USC. Dr. Joseph Goodman is an international Dentist, with dental licenses in several European countries and California, naturally. He is frequently invited to Dubai and Abu Dhabi because of his extensive experience in advanced general and cosmetic/full mouth rehabilitation dentistry.

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One of the biggest misconceptions of patients is that Cosmetic Dentists are not general dentists. Before becoming a Cosmetic Dentist- a dentist who focuses on the esthetic, the bite, the comfort and the restorative aspect of your smile makeover - the dentist has to perfect the art of general dentistry, in fact he has to be a master of general dentistry before he can call himself also a cosmetic dentist.

My philosophy as a dentist is and always has been to respect the tooth and preserve as much tooth structure as possible. Whether in preparation for porcelain veneers, for crowns or any kind of dental restoration, I strive to minimize the amount of tooth reduction. It is for that reason I have perfected the art of minimal preparation dentistry and we do many times favor porcelain ½ crowns , ¾ crowns, inlays and overlays over full crowns.

So when you read along, don’t get intimidated by the word “Cosmetic Dentist”. Remember, before becoming a dentist who loves to do smile makeovers with porcelain veneers, one has to perfect master the art of being a master of general dentistry. Thus we do fillings, crowns, cleanings, Invisalign (another passion of mine!) and we have specialists in our office for root canals and oral surgery. When you choose us, we will connect you with the best in their field of dentistry. Our oral surgeon for example is the most respected oral surgeon in town, with 35 years of experience and was the president of the California Dental Association in the past.

The term celebrity dentist is a cliché, and I like to serve anyone from all walks of life. It's fun to see celebrities, famous people, NBA players or TV personalities in our waiting room, but everyone matters in our office and we care about everyone. So, when you see the words "celebrity dentist” anywhere on this website, it's probably my website guy who is too excited. I am a dentist who first and foremost swears by the “Do not harm” philosophy.

Bite corrections, overbite, underbite and TMJ

One aspect of dentistry is to correct bite abnormalities such as overbite (deep bite) or underbite in a non-surgical manner. Restorative dentistry can oftentimes help without surgery to change your biting pattern called occlusion.

Last but not least, I have been an expert dentist appointed by the courts in examining and evaluating patient’s past care. I have been contacted by dental insurance companies to examine, diagnose and help fix problems that I have arisen due to less-than-ideal prior dental care.

One final word, one can not be a “personal dentist”, one that is approachable and easy to get in touch with, without making it possible for patients to directly call or text Dr. Goodman on his cell phone. So, every patient will receive Dr. Goodman’s private number to call or text him after work.

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We offer full sedation and a M.D. dental anesthesiologist for your comfort.

We also provide general dental treatment and routine teeth cleanings, crowns, fillings and more. We have two dedicated dental hygienists.

For patients who are uncomfortable in the dentist chair, “dental chicken” or just want to relax, we offer full sedation with a dental anesthesiologist for short and long dental treatments. Our dental anesthesiologist is very experienced and will put you at ease for your upcoming dental visit. Please call and inquire in advance to arrange 310 860 9311.

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