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3 Reasons You Should Choose Invisalign Over Braces

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Should you choose Invisalign for teeth straightening over traditional metal braces? Consider these three reasons Invisalign is clearly the right choice for most people.


1.  Invisalign Makes the Process Easier

Traditional metal or clear braces come with a set of restrictions that many find difficult to endure. When they are good candidates for the Invisalign process, most of these painful or annoying restrictions are removed. Some of the ways Invisalign results in an easier process include:


  • ● Easy to pop out and clean, allowing you to brush your teeth and floss as normal.
  • ● You can eat whatever you like with the Invisalign trays removed, there are no restrictions against eating certain foods like gum, caramels, apples, or corn on the cob.
  • ● There are no sharp edges and wires to irritate your lips or mouth, the aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable plastic.
  • ● You can engage in high contact sports which are more dangerous for those with traditional braces.


2. Look Better While Straightening Your Teeth


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While the goal of straightening your teeth is usually to improve your appearance and make your smile more attractive, traditional braces are very noticeable and cannot be removed for special events. With Invisalign aligners, as long as you are wearing your aligners for the minimum number of hours, you can take a break for those high visibility events.


Even when you are wearing the trays, they are virtually invisible when you smile. They also do not cause the kind of discoloration that can occur with metal brackets that adhere to the teeth. Brushing and flossing are as effective as always in maintaining your oral health. With Invisalign, you can look your best during and after treatment.


1.  Invisalign Won’t Break Your Budget

When Invisalign first became available, it was significantly more expensive than traditional metal braces and treatment options. However, over time the costs have equalized, and the average cost of $4000-$8000 for a full set of aligners and care is about the same as clear or metal braces.


You will probably make fewer trips to your cosmetic dentist because there are no wire tightening appointments to deal with. Treatment times can be as short as 12-18 months, and you will start to notice tooth movement as you advance through the custom set of clear aligner trays.


Traditional and clear braces prices might start slightly lower but usually, land in the same price range as this more appealing option. If you are a good candidate for Invisalign, price should not be the determining factor in your treatment plan.


How Long Does Invisalign Take to Move Your Teeth?

How many trays you will need in the course of treatment and how dedicated you are to wearing them as directed will determine how long it takes to straighten your teeth with Invisalign. You can have results faster than you may think possible with guidance from an experienced cosmetic dentist like Dr. Joseph Goodman.


Dr. Goodman has been voted “best dentist” and “top dentist” for his work at the Top Beverly Hills Dentist practice and works internationally lecturing and educating other cosmetic dentists on the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. You can view before and after time-lapse photos of real results from Invisalign and find out more here on our website.


Choosing a professional in the field is usually the most cost-effective way to achieve celebrity-level results. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Goodman and his trusted team today to find out if Invisalign is the right path to your most perfect smile.

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