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Smile Makeover: Snap-On Smile Procedure

There may be no faster and easier way to get a Beverly Hills smile than choosing a Snap-On Smile appliance. This removable system is painless and very cost-effective compared to permanent veneers or dental implants. What are the benefits of a Snap-On Smile and what is the procedure to have your own custom fitted appliance created and fitted?


What Is a Snap-On Smile?

A Snap-On Smile is a removable cosmetic dentistry appliance that fits over your teeth, filling gaps and covering any imperfections. Made of high-quality dental resin, they look like natural teeth and do not interfere with eating or speaking. After custom impressions are made and the device is created, the shell literally snaps into place for a perfectly beautiful smile.


Is A Snap-On Smile Right for You?

There are many  unique benefits of choosing a Snap-On Smile. You can eat and drink while wearing the device and improve the appearance of your natural teeth. Your cosmetic dentist can confirm that a Snap-On smile will work for:

  • Covering slightly crooked teeth
  • Covering chipped teeth
  • Covering permanently stained teeth
  • Replacing missing teeth or filling gaps
  • Replacing partial dentures with a modern, more attractive alternative
  • Those who are not good candidates for implants or bridges
  • Those who want a temporary, pain-free, more affordable alternative
  • Patients wanting to try out the look of permanent veneers


Your Snap-On Smile Procedure

After an initial consultation to make sure you are a good candidate, the process of getting a Snap-On Smile is simple and painless. Unlike more invasive dental procedures, you will not need pain relief and can drive yourself to and from the office. Unless you need dental treatments to prepare your teeth, there will be no shots, drilling, or changing of your tooth structure.


  • Your cosmetic dentist will take an impression of your teeth at your first visit.
  • Together you will choose the right style and shade for your Snap-On smile.
  • The impression is sent to a lab, which creates the custom-fitted veneer trays.
  • Snap-On Smiles can include top and bottom appliances if needed.
  • At your second visit, your dentist will perform a final fitting and show you how to clean and care for your new dental appliances.


What Are the Pros and Cons of Snap-On Smiles?

Your dentist will discuss the pros and cons of Snap-On teeth with you and help make sure you will be happy with the result. Being fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages will help you have the right expectations at your first visit, but keep in mind that even if this system is not a good fit for you, there are other smile makeover options available.


Advantages of Snap-On Smiles

  • Pain-free procedure with no anesthesia required
  • Less expensive option than implants or permanent custom veneers
  • Temporary looks can be achieved for actors or cosplay
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • Updated and improved alternative to older dentures
  • Cover stains, chips, crooked teeth, and gaps or missing teeth


Disadvantages of Snap-On Appliances

  • Will not work for patients with long or protruding teeth
  • Not a solution for very crooked teeth
  • Cannot be used with existing braces or retainers
  • More likely to break or stain than permanent veneers
  • Does not replace the need for dental work to protect healthy teeth and gums


How Much Does a Snap-On Smile Cost?

Each patient is different, and your dentist will discuss the cost of your specific treatment plan to reach your goals. In general, each upper and lower arch will cost between $1000 and $3500, depending on complexity and what other cosmetic dental procedures are needed to create your most beautiful smile.


Snap On Your Best Smile with the Top Beverly Hills Dentist

When you choose a cosmetic dentist, their level of experience and professional reputation should be prime considerations. Many patients travel across the country to visit Dr. Goodman and his team at the Top Beverly Hills Dentist. You can schedule an appointment today to learn more about your options and see a demonstration of the Snap-On Smile appliance.


Dr. Goodman is a highly respected oral surgeon with more than 35 years of experience, and he has been voted Top Dentist and Best Dentist in Beverly Hills. He has served as the President of the California Dental Association, and he regularly lectures in Dubai and Germany about the art and science of modern cosmetic dentistry.


From full mouth restorations to your ideal smile makeover, you can choose the best dentist to partner with you and unveil your ideal smile sooner than you thought possible. There is no better choice than the Top Beverly Hills Dentist to design your Snap-On, Invisalign, Lumineers, or any other smile makeover treatment. Contact us today to learn how getting a beautiful smile can be a snap!

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