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Biocompatible Dentistry at Your Service

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Nature is great and so are natural treatments. Multiple benefits come with these forms of treatment. You are probably aware of them.


To help you live up to that, we offer biocompatible dentistry Beverly Hills services as part of our huge holistic approach to dental treatment. Through this amazing service, our professionals provided special services compatible to organic teeth and tissues. Ideally, we aim at promoting overall wellness of patients by offering biocompatible dentistry.


Why Biocompatible Dental Services?

Oral health contributes significantly to your overall health. By involving dental procedures that are gentle on the tissues, our services ensure quick to recover and improved overall health.

Biocompatible dentistry is comfortable and easy, even to those with complications. This form of dental cares aims at realizing healthy smiles through safe practices.


It is perfect for the entire family because you get to protect your dentition in immediate times while looking at your overall long-term health. Through our procedures, we get rid of older, potentially harmful restorations and provide a safer replacement.


What does it entail?

Biocompatible dentistry can be a little involved depending on the dental condition handled. At Top Beverly Hills Dentist, we incorporate various services in biocompatible dental care.


In our holistic approach to dental treatment, we advance beyond the teeth. Our is to benefit, apart from the teeth, the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Our practices are based on holistic dentistry principles which include:

• Avoiding dental materials that might be considered toxic
• Treating biological basis of gum infections as opposed to symptoms
• Eliminating toxins from current dental restorations
• Preventing and reversing dental infections through ideal nutrition


For clients who come for biocompatible dentistry Beverly Hills services, we use ceramic dental crowns and composites in place of amalgam fillings.


They are strong enough to rival amalgam which has been used for several years by dentists across the globe. Through intensive years of research, it has come to the attention of medical experts that amalgam fillings can result to irritation of soft tissues to the patients suffering from metal sensitivity.

Since we consider long-term effects of dental treatments, our biocompatible dental care practices also involve the removal of amalgam that might have been used previously for dental restorations. The use of heavy metals is discouraged because metals fluctuate in size with temperature changes.

This can in turn result to damage or cracking of the underlying tooth structure. After removing the amalgam restorations, we will replace them with friendlier materials that are biocompatible.


Where Experience Meets Expertise

While many practitioners can offer dental services, the only experienced team can handle biocompatible dentistry. At Top Beverly Hills Dentist, we have a team of highly qualified dentists with experience in the holistic treatment field.


For more than a decade, we have offered these services to various clients in Beverly Hills and beyond. The high rates of customer satisfaction tell it all. Are you in need of well-coordinated biocompatible dentistry services?


At Top Beverly Hills Dentist, we have your concerns taken care of. Simply contact our team today for healthy dental care!

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