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The biggest smile makeover on American TV ever created.

Dr. Goodman has created a “Dream Team” of modern dentistry. As the head dentist, he chose to work with the best of the best dental specialists to achieve this life makeover.

As you may know, “The Doctors“ TV Show, hosted by Dr. Travis, is one of the most watched medical talk shows in America. Dr. Goodman has been the chosen dentist for the Doctors TV show, featured for the most challenging smile makeovers imaginable.

In 2017 through 2018, Dr. Goodman was the dentist for The Doctors TV Show for an extreme smile makeover for a special guest, Tyrica. Hundreds of submissions were submitted to the show, but Tyrica’s special story was the chosen one for the surprise smile makeover.

A little background story about her: Tyrica is a single mother of three who works as a postal worker. Ever since she was young, she has had many problems with her teeth; many cavities, amelogenesis imperfecta (poor structure and discoloration of the enamel), baby teeth that never fell out, a severe gummy smile, and multiple abscesses.

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Tyrica’s poor oral health was due to possible several reasons: hereditary and environmental reasons and  her mother drank contaminated water in New Orleans which was passed onto Tyrica and her oldest child. For many years, she would not smile and hid her teeth by covering her mouth; this destroyed her confidence and stemmed her insecurity. Tyrica also wore a snap-on smile that was too big for her mouth. The snap-on smile is to be worn for only a couple of hours a day and is not supposed to be worn when eating. For Tyrica, she was so insecure about her teeth that she would still wear the snap-on smile even while eating.

This segment was a two-part episode, her overall treatment took about 7 months and a team of dentists, known as  “The Dream Team” by Dr. Goodman. This team consisted of six dentists: Dr. Joseph Goodman (Cosmetic Dentist), Dr. Alan Kaye (Oral Surgeon), Dr. Ricardo Raschkovsky (Periodontist), Dr. Eddie Harouni (Endodontist), Dr. Mark Torbiner (Dental Anesthesiologist), and Dr. Lisa Kim (General Dentist).

Each part of Tyrica’s treatment was incredibly specialized—every single tooth needed some type of dental treatment. Tyrica had not seen a dentist for many years due to the severity of her situation and financial reasons. She needed many root canals, cavities to be filled, extractions, implants, and gum surgery. The whole treatment was an incredibly invasive procedure, required many visits, and the dentists collaborated to make sure every surgical step was executed with the utmost precision.


The first step was a visit to the periodontist, Dr. Ricardo Raschkovsky. A periodontist specializes in gum treatment. Tyrica needed gum surgery (surgical crown lengthening) to lift up her gums in order to expose more of the tooth for a fuller smile.
The second step – of the treatment was to treat all the root canals; this was done by the Endodontist, Dr. Eddie Harouni. Root canals are derived from cavities that are left untreated — they turn into root canals and grow so deep, that it affects the nerve of the tooth.

The third step – of her treatment was a visit to the Oral Surgeon, Dr. Alan Kaye. Dr. Kaye extracted all of her wisdom teeth and placed dental implants.

The fourth step – Our top cosmetic dentist, Dr. Joseph Goodman finished the final part of the treatment. He filled all existing cavities and made the restorations for her smile. Every tooth that had a root canal also needed a crown placed. Similar to implants, a crown needed to be made to screw onto the implant. In order to achieve the perfect smile, Dr. Goodman prepped all upper and lower crowns; then temporized all teeth. The temporaries were made to be similar to what her final smile would be. Dr. Goodman worked with best dental labs to ensure that Tyrica’s permanent smile would be perfect.

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The second part of the episode in May 2018 revealed Tyrica’s final smile — the results were incredible. The day that Dr. Joseph Goodman cemented her permanent teeth, she was in tears. You could tell that Tyrica was incredibly grateful for her new smile — she was finally able to smile with confidence and release herself of her insecurities. This was a heartwarming feeling for everyone. This gift will give Tyrica more opportunities in life and a chance at building her confidence. This not only changed her smile, but also changed her life.

For more information about Tyrica’s smile makeover, please see the videos below for the episodes aired on The Doctors.

Part One

Part Two

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