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Los Angeles Gum Bleaching

Your smile begins with a set of straight, white teeth, but it doesn’t end there. Black gums or darker stained gums are not uncommon. 

There are several reasons you might have darkened gums and in many cases, “gum bleaching” or ” gum pinkification”  can help. If you’re uncomfortable with the appearance of your gums, Dr. Joseph Goodman, a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, can provide consultations and gum bleaching services that last.

Black Gums: Cause and Effect

Just like skin, gums come in a variety of shades. Some people naturally have darker gums than others and that’s normal and not unhealthy in any way. Others however experience a darkening of their gums for reasons that might indicate the need for a change. These include:

  • If you smoke tobacco, the nicotine can cause brown or black spots or all-over discoloration.
  • Poor oral hygiene. In some cases, plaque (the sticky substance on your teeth when you wake up in the morning) can harden into tartar. Tartar can cause gum discoloration.
  • Gum disease. A condition called acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis can cause not only black gums but also bleeding gums, bad breath, and even a fever. 
  • Certain medications including some antibiotics, cancer medications, and antipsychotic drugs can cause your gums to turn black.
  • Amalgam staining. Also called amalgam tattoos, this is when the amalgam from silver-colored fillings stains the gums. The stains can be black, gray, or blue.
  • Health conditions. Some oral cancers and digestive conditions can cause gum discoloration.

It’s important to understand why your gums have turned black in case it is a sign of oral cancer or some other issue. Dr. Goodman provides general and cosmetic dentistry services, so you can make an appointment to have it evaluated and treated cosmetically. We will send out to an oral surgeon for a biopsy if indicated. 

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