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Dr. Joseph Goodman is a world renowned cosmetic dentist who has been featured on The Doctors Show, Dr. Phil, KTLA and multiple publications.

As such he has helped thousands of patients and is providing Invisalign specials to help you get a beautiful smile.

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Why Choose Dr. Goodman?

Dr. Goodman has been practicing dentistry since 1996 and has helped many thousands of his patients get beautiful smiles. 

However, when choosing a dentist to go to for straightening your teeth, there is a major factor to consider. After straightening your teeth if you do not get proper checkups and use a retainer as directed your teeth can shift back to the way they were and lost all of the work that was done.

Most dental specialists are simply that, specialists. When completing your Invisalign treatment that is the end of the treatment that they provide. No additional checkups and no retainers. Dr. Goodman, however, is a not only a dental specialist but is also an expert general dentist and can provide you will the full long-term treatment and care you need to keep your beautiful teeth. And best of all – you can get all this care under one roof from a veteran dentist who is world renowned and is the go-to dentist for many celebrities and shows.

Additionally, Dr. Goodman is well trained in all modern dental treatments and has the latest and most advanced equipment. For example, many dental offices require the use of impressions to determine the shape of your mouth to craft your Invisalign. Dr. Goodman uses a state of the art scanner to create a digital impression which makes a much more comfortable experience!

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Smile With Crowded Teeth

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