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Enhance Your Smile with Dental Crowns

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A dental crown is normally placed over a tooth to enhance the aesthetics, shape or strength of the underlying tooth. Dental crowns can also be used as the ultimate restorations following a dental implant treatment, replacing the artificial tooth.

At Top Beverly Hills Dentist, we offer reliable dental crown services. When you come for dental crowns Beverly Hills services, we will use the most suitable materials for the crown.


Remember, different materials can be used for dental crowns. Most dentists seem to recommend all-porcelain crowns. When you come to our clinic, we will provide you with a fitting restoration that resembles the color and texture of your natural teeth.


Are dental crowns for you?

In our extensive years of experience as dental practitioners, we have realized that most of the people who can significantly benefit from dental crowns aren’t realty aware that they need these dental restorations.


It is important to know that dental crowns are used in instances where the known conservative dental treatments cannot be used to enhance the looks of a damaged teeth.

Before administering this treatment, our dental experts will assess the dental procedures you are eligible for based on your dental condition. We will also consider matters pertaining aesthetics and functionality.


We recommend dental crowns to patients who need to:

• Strengthen and enhance the aesthetics of a tooth that has undergone treatment for root canal
• Cover installed dental implants
• Cover misshapen teeth
• Restoration for cracked or broken tooth
• Hold in place partial dentures or dental bridge


What should you expect?

If you haven’t a dental crown before, you probably have multiple questions as far as this procedure is concerned. At Top Beverly Hills Dentist, we have all your concerns sorted out.

To ensure quality treatment and client satisfaction, we follow recommended procedures in installing dental crowns. With us, you need at least two visits to have your dental crowns in place.

In the first session of dental crown Beverly Hills, our team will get rid of decay and shape the tooth appropriately. We also use this time to take an impression and subsequently fit temporary crowns.

On your next visits, our dental experts will remove the temporary dental crowns and have them replaced with final crowns. For a comfortable experience, we will do the fitting and subsequent adjustment in a befitting manner. Thereafter, we will cement the crown together to have them firmly held in place. Before you know it, you will be having a beautiful tooth or a set of glaring teeth.


Reliable Solution

In the past years, dental crowns have proven themselves reliable solutions to serious dental issues. If you suffered from teeth loss due to the accident, this is a great way to restore your natural, lovely smile.


To ensure you have the best dental crown Beverly Hills treatment experience, we have in place specially trained experts. They handle everything carefully while maintaining higher levels of professionalism. Feel free to get in touch with us today for the best dental crown services!

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