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Avoid These 5 Problems with Veneers by Choosing the Right Dentist

Veneers can offer many benefits for people with tooth decay, crooked teeth, or stained or chipped teeth, but of those who have gotten great results from veneers, there are also many stories about veneers gone wrong. We’ll explore some of the most common veneer problems.

1. A Fake and Misaligned Look

The process of placing veneers is an involved one; in order to look like your natural teeth and be aligned properly, your dentist must be experienced with veneers. This involves knowing how to plan and design them for the perfect fit, but also requires your dentist to have good habits when placing veneers on your teeth.

Your cosmetic dentist should be willing to discuss your goals for your veneers, as well as your veneer plan. As well, before anything is placed on your teeth and gums, your dentist should be able to show you what your teeth will look like after your veneers have been placed over them.

2. Losing Your Veneers

Torscha before smile makeover

Many people are not sure if they can get veneers with bad teeth. The good news is that veneers can work if your teeth are damaged. However, once again, unless you have a dentist with lots of experience, it’s very likely that you may lose your dental veneers.

First, your dentist needs to be able to discern when a tooth has insufficient enamel or is too damaged to be able to hold a composite veneer. If your teeth are good candidates for porcelain veneers, the right amount of enamel must be removed from a tooth in order to ensure a secure bonding surface for the veneer.

3. Feeling Pain

Veneers are an ideal way to get a smile makeover. However, they should never be painful to wear. Those who experience pain and high sensitivity following application of veneers over their existing teeth typically do so because—you guessed it—their dentist doesn’t possess the necessary experience to prepare teeth for veneers or place veneers.

Again, your dentist should know whether your teeth contain enough enamel to hold veneers. Then, they must be careful not to cause pain by drilling too close to teeth nerves.

4. Frequent Replacement

Cosmetic dental veneers can last for several years before they need to be replaced, but without an experienced and knowledgeable dentist you may find yourself paying for replacements a lot more than you’d planned to.

Grinding your teeth can loosen and damage veneers, as can gum disease and severely misaligned teeth. Not practicing good oral hygiene can also cause the need for replacement.

Your dentist should provide you with a consultation where issues like these can be properly addressed with the right dental care and oral health education prior to applying veneers.

5. Veneers That Change Color

Veneers should maintain their placement and color over the long term. If the materials used to make them are of poor quality, or your teeth aren’t cleaned on a regular basis, discoloration can occur.

To avoid this common problem, an experienced dentist is your solution. Not only will they know where to get the best types of veneers, but they will clearly communicate the benefits of healthy teeth through good oral health, and encourage you to visit for regular cleanings so that bacteria can be professionally removed.

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