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Are These Types of Dental Restorations Right for You?

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Much has changed in recent years in the world of restorative dentistry. Problems that were once almost insurmountable are now easily taken care of with modern dental restorative services. Let’s review the options available to restore your smile to a healthy and attractive appearance.

What Is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative procedures offer new hope for people who have missing, broken, decayed, chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth. These conditions might develop from genetic causes, environment, disease, or traumatic injury. Restorative dentistry focuses on diagnosing and treating these conditions.

A consultation with a restorative dentist will answer your questions about which types of restorative procedures will be most beneficial in your particular situation. Some procedures are quick and minimally invasive; others may require multiple treatments and the services of specialists or oral surgeons.

Common Types of Dental Restorations

No matter what type of dental problems you have, there are treatments to restore good function and appearance. Some of these include:

  • Crowns and bridges. These are coverings which can restore the tooth structure, or bridge gaps where natural teeth are missing. Crowns and bridges are made of gold, porcelain, or other ceramic materials and can visually replace missing teeth. Sometimes a root canal or other basic dental care is needed beforehand.
  • Invisalign teeth straightening. These clear plastic aligner trays are designed to be worn in a series, to gently move your teeth into desired positions over time, without the need for metal braces. Adults as well as young people achieve good results with Invisalign, and they have become a common type of dental alignment for everyone.
  • Inlays and onlays. Inlays are cemented in place on up to three sides of a tooth, and might be placed along with composite fillings. An onlay is cemented in place on the biting surface of a tooth, extending down the sides, and is made from gold, porcelain, or a tooth-colored ceramic material.
  • Hybrids. These might use the above materials and composite resin to restore advanced tooth decay or the structure of a tooth to prepare for other procedures. The prepared tooth is rebuilt with these same materials.
  • Posts and dental implants. When most of the structure of a tooth is gone, or it is broken off at the roots, metal posts are put in place to hold an artificial tooth. This procedure can restore the tooth to its former strength and appearance.

Finding Professional Restorative Dental Treatment Near You

Top Beverly Hills Dentist

Everyone may need a restorative dental procedure at some point in their life. Your oral health is directly related to your overall well being, and your smile opens doors to new opportunities every day. Dr. Joseph Goodman at the Top Beverly Hills Dentist office understands the importance of keeping your teeth strong and healthy through every stage of life.

When you need a check up, tooth cleaning, whitening, or invisible dental fillings to deal with small problems, Dr. Goodman and his professional team are ready and waiting to help you keep your natural teeth at their best. Certainly, if you need restorative dental services from a top local dentist, you will be in good company in Dr. Goodman’s office.

Valued patients include other dentists, doctors, celebrities, and beauty world notables. Your smile is just as important to us, and we provide the level of care and stunning results that keep people coming back for the best possible dental care. We know every patient is unique and offers us a unique opportunity to bring exceptional results that exceed your expectations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how a cosmetic dentist can help you put your best smile forward.

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