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Dr. Joseph Goodman, D.D.S D.M.D.

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Tooth Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays are one of Dr. Goodman’s cosmetic specialties. When it comes to treating decay there are many options:

  1. Amalgam (mercury) fillings : Silver looking fillings, which are not done in our office.

  2. Resin fillings, bondings : White fillings, which are very popular and only require one visit. They can be done on small- to medium-size cavities. The teeth are filled instantly and you can eat and chew with them right after you leave the office.

  3. Inlays and Onlays : Done in 2 steps. In the 1st step, Dr. Goodman removes the cavity, cleans the tooth, and an impression will be taken. You will leave the office with a temporary filling and come back a few days later. At your second visit our high quality dental lab will deliver the porcelain filling (Inlay, Onlay) to our office.

There are many options of what this material of choice can be, and the options are too numerous to list all of them. As a general guideline you can choose:

A) Gold Inlay (in back upper teeth): can last decades, barely visible.

B) Porcelain Inlay (tooth colored): can last a long time, very biocompatible and strong, looks beautiful.

C) Special Reinforced Resin (tooth colored fillings): very strong and durable and flexible to pressure from chewing and grinding.

D) Hybrids (a combination of porcelain and resin fillings in one): there is an advantage to combining the positive physical properties of both into one filling.

In any case, the outcome of lab fabricated restorations is a more precise and more accurate restoration than with a resin filling done in one visit. The outcome is a perfectly contoured, beautiful, strong, and long-lasting restoration. An onlay is a bigger version of an inlay; when the decay is too big, an onlay can be suitable. If there is decay all over the tooth, a crown (cap) will be the best option.