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The Bridges and Crowns (Caps)

Crowns are used to restore a person's tooth that was broken by decay or fracture to its original look and purpose. A bridge is used to close the gap when you have a missing tooth and an implant is not suitable for you. A bridge can close gaps by attaching crowns to the adjacent teeth. These restorations are cemented on to the tooth and are referred to as "fixed" dentistry as opposed to a restoration like a denture, which is considered "removable dentistry."?

Each procedure requires the use of a local anesthetic and the grinding of adjacent teeth. With a bridge, the adjacent teeth have to be prepared in a specified way. A badly decayed or broken tooth could demand that the tooth needs a build up or sub filling before the tooth is restored with a crown. In our office, Dr. Goodman never uses mercury fillings as build up as typically observed. A final bridge can span from one to several missing teeth. It is a fast and easy approach and avoids any surgery and waiting time, as is common with implants Although a bridge is one piece, it can replace several missing teeth. The key here is to make a bridge look like individual teeth that are not connected to each other, although in reality the bridge is only one piece. Another important factor is the use of an excellent dental laboratory with an artistic dental technician. The communication via computer is critical.

Please visit us and allow us to show you the best possible solution for your case. Dr. Joseph Goodman, the top beverly hills dentist