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Dr. Joseph Goodman, D.D.S D.M.D.

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Crowns (Caps) and Bridges

A severely broken tooth or a tooth with an existing root canal usually requires a full coverage crown. In order to fabricate a crown, the dentist must shave the tooth 360 degree and take an impression for the master laboratory to be able to fabricate a new full coverage crown

A crown can be made to restore an individual tooth damaged by decay or fracture back to its original form and function, while a bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth. With a bridge Dr. Goodman is able to place a crown on each tooth adjacent to the gap and then use a “pontic” to close the actual gap. These restorations are cemented onto the teeth and are referred to as "fixed" dentistry as opposed to a removable appliance or partial denture.

Crowns and bridges can be made of several materials.
1) Full gold crowns are normally done on the very back teeth in the mouth where strength is most important and appearance is less important.
2) Cheaper non-precious metals and lower quality alloys are available, referred to as porcelain fused to metal crowns. (PFM).
3) We are able to use a use a very “high noble gold" as a substructure under the existing porcelain crowns, see picture below.

The picture above shows 3 crowns. The inside of every crown has a substructure:

All Porcelain crows such as LAVA ™ or Emax ™ . Both were invented in Germany. This is the most esthetic solution.

Middle tooth:
Porcelain fused to gold. PFG. Very biocompatible. No grey margin around he gum line. Beautiful esthetics.

Right crown:
Porcelain fused to metal inside, grey metal will show a grey margin around the gum line after a few years. The grey area is not visible to the patient because porcelain covers the metal portion.
The key to success is not only a talented dentist but also an excellent dental laboratory with an artistic dental technician. The communication via computer is critical.
Oftentimes when teeth are worn down and short, the patient has lost his/her “vertical dimension”, the dentist is able to rejuvenate the patient’s facial appearance by restoring the crowns to the patient’s original height. This enables more chewing comfort and a very pleasing esthetic outcome by adding lip volume and decreasing any folds around the lip area.